What is a Demat Account ?

Demat account is dematerialized account where actual money is replaced by the share that you have buy.

To start trading in Stock Market You first of all required Demat account and off course Money. As there are various financial instrument are available in market in which investment requirement also differ from segment to segment. like Equity Market or stock Market is market where share are buy and sell between different trader. in that investment is high as compare to other and according to risk of trader an individual can work with any investment.

To proceed or to start investing in stock market first of all you need to open a demat account for which your PAN No. would be required with out this you can not trade or invest in market .

To start trading you first need to open a demat account with registered broker of exchange (NSE or BSE) . Demat is a dmaterialized account where actual money is replaced buy the share, To open demat account following process you have to follow . after that you can buy or sell share according to your investment. as well risk appetite.

Approach a BSE and NSE registered stock broker.

Fill up the KYC form provided by the stock broker.

Attach the required documents – (i) identity proof and (ii) address proof.

Produce the original PAN card during account opening.