What are some short selling stock examples ?

Short Sell is an Exchange Intraday mechanism where you sell those asset that you doesn’t own. There are so mainly two type of trading that an general investor or trader follow

Delivery / positional Trading : where you buy the stock and hold it for sometime , in this type of trading if you have buy a stock its delivery or you will receive the same stock in your demat account within T+2 days . In same way when you sell the stock its delivery you have to provide to buyer with in T+2 days.

Intraday Trading : In intraday an trader receive the benefit of both trend bullish as well as bearish . like if the trend is bullish you will buy the stock at lower price and sell it at higher price, while trend is bearish then you will sell the stock at higher price then to square off the position you will purchase it at lower price.

For example Suppose xyz ltd share open at 102/- and after sometime the price of share comes at 98/- here

if you buy at 102/- then you may loss. while if you sell at 102 and buy it at 98/- . the difference would be your profit.