What actually is a stock market? How is the price of a share or stock decided in the initial public offering, and who decides it?

Stock market is a market where equities or share of different companies are issued and traded, that is also known as capital market apart from that there are two types of capital market 1st one is primary market, in which… Continue Reading

The Art Of Cutting Your Losses

There are many investor who don’t know what to do to protect themselves in the stock market. When you trade in stocks you need to understand and undertake some important decision on daily basis and these decision are going to… Continue Reading

What are some short selling stock examples ?

Short Sell is an Exchange Intraday mechanism where you sell those asset that you doesn’t own. There are so mainly two type of trading that an general investor or trader follow Delivery / positional Trading : where you buy the… Continue Reading

What is the best way to learn how to trade options ?

Option are the contract that gives you a right but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at fix future date and on specified predecided price. This are the type of derivative contract whose value is derived… Continue Reading

Is a technical analysis reliable for predicting the stock prices in Intraday trading?

Yes! it is reliable for predicting the prices of security or share where the historical price are analyzed with different trends. Technical Analysis is the investigation of the inside stock trade data and not of those outer components which are… Continue Reading

What is a Demat Account ?

Demat account is dematerialized account where actual money is replaced by the share that you have buy. To start trading in Stock Market You first of all required Demat account and off course Money. As there are various financial instrument… Continue Reading