Is it possible to do intraday trading with 5k rupees?

epa05625231 A bank executive counts new 2000 Indian rupee notes at a bank in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir, 10 November 2016. In a major decision, Indian Prime Minister, in an address to the nation has stated that currency notes with denomination values of INR 500 (about 7.5 US dollars) and INR 1000 (about 15 US dollars) respectively will be invalid and will be discontinued from midnight of 08 November 2016. Indian government also introduced the new notes of INR 500 (about 7.5 US dollars) and INR 2000 (about 30 US dollars) and citizens would be allowed to exchange their old currency notes through the banks and post offices till 30 December 2016. This is being considered as a major step towards curbing the problem of black money. EPA/FAROOQ KHAN

Equity market is a market where different equities of company’s are issued and traded over the exchange. in market there are so many investor or trader who who follow different strategies like intraday trading and positional trading.

Intraday trading is working pattern where an investor and trader work only for a day , like if he has buy a share on today , will sell it on today itself. in real trading platform in intraday trading you receive a exposure from your broker. that depend on your credit-ability. in intraday trading a trader want to receive a short term benefit from the market by working with proper fundamental as well as technical analysis. Stop loss is something like that could be minimize your losses or that could be limit your loss in worst or opposite condition.condition. Intraday day trading an trader receive the benefit both trends bullish as well as bearish.

Short Selling: Short sell is the intraday market strategy in equity market where you sell those share that you doesn’t own. that you follow when market is bearish like there is stock whose current market price is 120/- and you have expectation that its price will go down here what you do , will first sell the share at higher price and buy it at lowest price.

Yes you can trade with the INR 5000 also but the profit that you can earn in equity it also would be according to your investment because in market risk is directly proportional to reward.